64 songs composed and performed by Mahsa Vahdat published by Cantando Musikkforlag with release on Music Freedom Day, March 3


On her new album, the Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat sings with the same passion, strength and obvious voice as always. Nothing can silence her. Once again a fantastic album by one of the greatest female singers of our time.

“Enlighten The Night ” New Album by Mahsa Vahdat  at the Top of the World Music Charts Europe in October 2020.


Mahsa Vahdat releases a profoundly Multi-Layered album for our time .She couldn’t have picked a better moment to release this austere, inspiring record. You will see this on the best albums of 2020 page in December if such a page can exist.

New York Music Daily

The voice of Mahsa is – as we have often said – the most striking, moving, passionate and credible that you will encounter in contemporary singing.Enlighten the Night is  a record that drips with its beauty and which provides a ray of light and hope

Mahsa Vahdat’s album “Enlighten the Night” at the top of transglobal world music chart for September 2020

Mahsa Vahdat interview in Turkish and English in Cazkolik Radio

The album “Placeless” (Kronos Quartet and Mahsa&Marjan Vahdat ) nominated by  Songlines magazine to the best fusion album in 2020.

The album “Placeless” (Mahsa&Marjan Vahdat and Kronos quartet) hits the world music charts

The mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has proclaimed 6th of Sept 2019 the “Mahsa Vahdat Day”.

Mahsa Vahdat Day

The Iran born singer Mahsa Vahdat has one of the most beautiful voices in the universe ,so intense ,so mystic ,so passionated that it can express the deepest longing ,sorrow and pain that exists .


Without even trying, Vahdat has taken the globe in her hands and sung it to sleep like a mother would her child, reminding us of just how infantile we are as a global community.


«….an unworldly beautiful record….a benevolent rain of heavenly sounds….Beauty per falling drop….»


Breathtaking, timeless, meditative – yes, powerful simply. The listener can only lean backwards, shut his eyes and receive – listen, ponder, breathe in – thousands of years of old wisdom and beauty.


Mahsa Vahdat has masterfully proven how it’s possible for Persian music to continue evolving

-Songlines Magazine

With a voice that is as rich as it is expressive, Mahsa Vahdat is certainly the gold standard for Iranian vocalists.

-World Music Central

This gently powerful performance showed why they have became ambassadors for Iranian culture.

The Guardian

Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat have sparkled their joyous nature out into the warmth of the Womad crowd ,their magical voices elevating us to a place of rapture far beyond politics .The crowd is won ever ,basking in the good humor and looking up to the women onstage as sunflowers look up to the sun .


 These are voices you listen to and follow, as if they were voices of the pre-monotheistic gods, ancient mythic music from the bicameral mind.

The Artdesk 

Mahsa Vahdat is not only one of the finest woman singers in Iran, she has also dedicated herself to the preservation of the female voice in classical Iranian music .


They have voices of raw silk that blend as only siblings can and create a powerful thread that draws you into the intense emotions of the songs.


what’s remarkable about the sisters is not just their quiet resilience,but the fact that they can bring that sense of liberation ,transcendence and beauty,to another audience entirely .

Songlines  ,Simon Broughton 

It could fill a whole lifetime, to represent an old and great culture, appreciated by everybody in the homeland and abroad, honored and heard by everybody.It could also fill a lifetime because the task is big, but the longing is even bigger. You can hear it from every tone, every part of her songs, a longing for life, for peace, for freedom.


My Voice is my home

The Autumn Salon